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Hello everyone!  So, next week I’m going to be getting on a plane and flying to New York watermelon radish, then to London and finally France for two weeks.  In France I’m going to be doing a two week art camp which is run by my dearest friends Bruce and Alisa.  I’m super excited, and can guaruntee many posts from my travels!  Before I leave, however, I’d like to leave you with something.


On Monday, I graduated from 8th grade at Turning Point.  It was a wonderful occasion, and many friends and family joined me for it.  Each one of them made it truly special, I’m not going to bore you with a list of names.

To start, the Head of School (remember when that was me for a day?) said something about each of us. Then, we each gave a short poem about ourselves, the only guidelines were that we

1) had to include a line about our community

2) had to include a line about our family, because graduation is just as much about them as it is about the actual graduates

3) it had to include something beginning with ‘my soul is’


So, I though that I’d share my poem with you…

Graduation Poem

By: Kellen

My soul is a fiery chariot that never stops blazing

My soul is testing the boundaries

Holding a girl who watches the stars,

That’s where you’ll find me,

Looking out at nothing, but with me there’s always something

Always something to make me smile, full of joy

A bubble of emotion and a static wire crackling with life

See through my eyes, those common hazel eyes

Behind their brownish skies there’s a portal, spilling into our dimension everything from the one that I’ve invented

And all the writing that I’ve done up from the paper

And all the sketches and the pictures come to life,

See those rainbow sparks that crackle through the night

Those are the friends and family that form a firework,

my firework

And in the place I live, the land I’m from, they might not know my name, but soon they will, I’m sure of it

See the tiny girl with scrunchies in her hair

That was me at the beginning, how far I’ve come from there

To this place that is my home, and I won’t forget it in a lifetime

See the tiny fingers pointing to the stars

Years ago I caught them in droplets of crystal shimmers

The only girl who talks to the moon, and doesn’t fear what the sky will do to me

See how I’ve grown up like a flower, tall and wild, tame but true

And the smile on my face is like an ocean, the calm before a storm

See the girl who watches the stars, that’s me

Looking past what’s already happened, to the future, it’s a giant white page in front of me

But I know what’s out there, and I’m ready for anything, to branch out like a tree


Because with me, there’s always something


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