Unusual Dupatta Draping Designs & Display Ideas
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Unusual Dupatta Draping Designs & Display Ideas

A work of art is draped dupatta! Whether you’re wearing a lehenga choli or a dress, the appropriate dupatta style may improve your complete image. To get the ideal look, you can drape your dupatta in a variety of gorgeous ways!Here are five ways to wear your dupatta with ethnic clothing from India. Deck it out!

Traditional attire like lehenga cholis online, salwar-kameez, and gowns gain oomph from dupattas. They are a crucial component of Indian cultural clothing and provide the garments a refined and graceful appearance.We occasionally see people wearing various dupatta types, particularly during wedding rituals. Even brides might distinguish out by adding a dupatta or redistributing an old one.

Any Indian attire may be made or broken by its dupattas. With only one dupatta, you can accomplish so much.Every traditional clothing may be instantly elevated if you know how to wear a dupatta properly. It is the one essential piece required. We’ve compiled some of the most popular dupatta designs that will not only make it seem chic and sophisticated but also effortlessly nail your desi aesthetic!

Wrap the elbows in the dupatta.

One of the simplest and most hassle-free ways to wear a dupatta is like this! This shiny outfit creates a wave of comfort and pleasantness while letting your richly embroidered lehenga shine.  In fact, wrapping the dupatta over the elbows while posing for full-body photos works wonders.

 Put a waist belt on.

It’s becoming very popular to wear a waistline or belt with a dupatta. If worn properly, the waistband is a great item that may go well with your lovely lehengas. This modern style, which is frequently created with exquisite embroidery and embellishments, may completely change the appearance of an outfit. In actuality, adding a belt to your lehenga enhances and defines your waistline. The greatest way to maintain your hand freedom and secure your pleats is with this design. It also succeeds in keeping the dupatta fixed in place.

Crossing your wrist, hold it.

The arm-style dupatta draping is the pinnacle of monarchy and can be the most elegant, fashionable, and comfortable adornment. Choose a style where your dupatta is simply pinned up at your wrist. To keep the dupatta in place, you may even pin it with a bangle. This fashion is ideal for situations that need you to do actions, such as dancing at a wedding, making it perfect for chic occasions!

Unbalanced Drape

Asymmetrical drapery involves draping the dupatta with one end on the elbow and the other cascading over the shoulder. If you’re having trouble deciding between the shoulder drape and the elbow drape, you may always choose this asymmetrical drape since it’s the ideal mix and provides the greatest balance of the two options! During Navratri, this look is renowned for being worn with chaniyacholis. It strikes the ideal combination between a sophisticated appearance and a fluid drape. The reason this design is most popular is because it keeps the dupatta out of the way and makes wearing it hassle-free!

It was plied on one side.

A pinned dupatta can be used as an alternative to an asymmetrical drape. It may be simply yet elegantly stacked on one side and pleated nicely. The solution is to firmly pin the dupatta to one side if you’re wondering how to wear one with a lehenga or a salwarkameez without it continually getting in the way.

freefalling fashion

Now, the salwar kameez draped in this manner is really a Punjabi style. The dupatta may be styled on either shoulder to allow it fall naturally in a modest and easy way for a more free-flowing and breezy appearance. If you want to show off your lavishly embellished dupatta or the border details, try this approach. Even better, pin it to your shoulder and put it out of mind.  In fact, because it adds an opulent and regal touch, this hassle-free design is growing in popularity among brides.

The Shawl Fashion

In essence, this is free falling in the wrong sequence. In this instance, the dupatta is worn as a shawl. Open your dupatta and drape it over your back for this. If necessary, you can grasp the cloth by the elbows and pin it to your shoulders. There is no pleating or intricate dupatta draping need for this informal design. The finest type of draping for you is a shawl style if you want to show off your lehenga and blouse design.

A Headpin on the Neck

If you want to add a traditional and ethnic touch to your contemporary attire, this style is excellent. The dupatta just has to be pinned to the top of the head and the other end brought forward through the opposite elbow. This elegant method of dupatta drapery is quite well known, especially among weddings. In fact, if you want to show off your waist, you may pin the dupatta on your head and let the rest of it hang loose.

Around the Neck, Pleated

This outfit has such a beautiful, feminine vibe. Scrunching your dupatta over your neck is the best way to choose if it is made of light fabric, has no distinctive embroidery, or matches your attire well but without a necklace. For even more mobility, you may loosely pin the dupatta up on the shoulders. The most contemporary method to wear a dupatta is as seen below.  The simplicity and beauty of this design draw attention to your attire while also giving you the best of both worlds.

Styles for Double Dupatta

This is a highly classy look that includes two dupattas, generally one draped like a saree over your shoulder and the other covering your head. This is the style that is now popular among brides. For brides who don’t want to carry a bulky dupatta on their heads, this Mughal-inspired design pairs wonderfully with the bridal lehenga. This method of drapery works well with both a lehenga and an anarkali, so you may wear it with either. The benefit is that it is easier to control because the dupatta that covers the head does not protrude forward. You may walk freely while displaying your stunning lehenga in this manner. If you want to try this look, play around with fabrics and patterns.

The Cowl Fashion

This is currently the most cutting-edge and contemporary method of drapery. The cowls’ fashion is at once modern, stylish, and exquisite. It has cowls on one side and is worn like a sash. Particularly for bridesmaids, it’s a great option because it looks chic and is hassle-free. All you need to do is properly pleat it so that each fold can be seen on its own. Additionally, tuck the other side of the dupatta at the waist instead of pinning it on both sides of the shoulder.


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