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The 4 Best Under-the-Covers Bed Fans for People Who Sleep Hot No Matter What

Steamy summer nights are the definition of torture for hot sleepers bed fan. And it’s often not enough to crack a window, run the air conditioner, or flip on the ceiling fan. If you toss and turn with night sweats no matter what, you’d better get a bed fan.

Rather than cranking up the AC (and your utilities bill), the bed fans offer an innovative solution to keeping the temperature down between the sheets. An under-the-covers bed fan keeps air circulating—you guessed it—under the covers. The best bed fans blow air evenly across your body to regulate body temperature and elevate your overall sleep hygiene. Others use hydro-power to cool off your mattress and prevent you from overheating.

Sold? Check out the best under-the-cover bed fans to keep you cool on even the warmest nights.

Hot summer nights are no match for the best under-the covers bed fans

BedJet 3 Climate Control System — $439.00

The latest model in BedJet’s line of under-the-cover bed fans, the BedJet 3 is designed to work with your existing mattress and bed-frame. It’s super easy to install—just fit it under your bed and run the hose directly under your linens to cool or warm your liking. The best part is, you don’t even have to get out of bed to change the temperature. Use the Bluetooth remote to adjust adjust air flow and programming, all from under the covers.

bFan — $185.00

The bFan is a more affordable version the BedJet. This handy under-the-covers fan fits snugly under your linens at the base of your bed, circulating air into your covers as you sleep. The blower is extra-quiet, so if you’re a sensitive sleeper, you won’t wake up from loud white noise. It also features a remote control for easy adjustments right from bed.

Night Bliss Cool Flash Model 3 — $319.00

This under-the-sheets fan was designed to help women deal with hot flashes from menopause. It fits seamlessly at the foot of the bed, under the sheets, creating a wind-tunnel effect with the push of a button.


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