How to Train Your Glutes

Did you know the gluteus maximus (bum) is one of the very strongest muscles in the body. And you can rest assured that if you train it on a consistent basis, it will show. The muscle of the glutes are also really important for posture, knee and hip alignment and back/ core support.

What Are Your Glutes?

Your glutes are composed of essentially three muscles in the buttocks. These three are the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius. During our life we spend a lot of time sitting and this can inhibit the strength role that the glutes have.

However, here is a process to avoid this.

Release Tight muscles:

Often our hips will be tight at the front, this pulling sensation at the top of the thigh comes from the large quad muscles being over-active and our bum being less engaged. By foam rolling those tight points it can give the rest of the lower body a chance to get involved.

Activate your glutes:

Turn them on by doing laying hip bridges, side walks with a band or laying side clams. Then when you do the big moves listed below the glutes are already firing and ready to get stronger.


Squats are almost a complete body workout, but they are one of the very best exercises to train everything from the waist down. Don’t sacrifice proper form for ego lifting with weight that is too heavy. Technique first and foremost!

Walking Lunges

Walking lunges can be challenging, but if you desire better glutes, they are really important and can also assist with your running speed and endurance! Add a dumbbell in each hand to progress and try to have as much range as possible. Going down far enough so your knee is constantly touching the floor with each step will get great results.


If you want to improve just about anything on your body, deadlifts are a good exercise to start with. They are great for the glutes and every other major muscle group you have. Again, keep proper form and you will get results without injury.

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