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Full List of Soap Shoes

Remember the video game Sonic Adventure 2? And the anime Sonic X?  soap shoes Have you ever paid any attention to their shoes? This game and anime published many advertisements including billboards and benches that promote Soap shoe brand.

Soap shoe brand was inspired by roller blades and was really made for grinding. The shoes are concaved with plastics in their soles, which allow you to literally grind on handrails and stone hedges. Soaping was a term made popular by the soap shoe brand. This stands for the act of grinding those pipes and high stone ledges using your coolest soap shoes.


Soap shoe brand was passed on and purchased by different companies through the years but the goal of producing cool grinding shoes still remained. One company combined wheels with the grind plates to create a more cool and sporty look for the shoes. Other cool, fancy and hippy designs were released and hitted the high mark for being the first and the original shoe brand to have those grind plates that roller skaters really love.


If you are one of those coolest dudes and gals who are craving for that extra adventure with your shoes, it’s not too late to have one of these trendy soap shoes. Try one and never be afraid to do that soaping and grinding all around!


Here is the full list of Soap shoe models and variants:

  • Scab Navy
  • Scab Smoke
  • Boltar White
  • T-Bone Grey/Charcoal/Red
  • T-Bone Black/Light Grey
  • Squeaky Clean Black
  • Squeaky Clean Imperial
  • Clean White
  • Express Grey/Black/Blue
  • Scam Black/Charcoal/Blue
  • Photos of Soap different types of shoes


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