Five Sarees With Sequins For Your Party Wardrobe
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Five Sarees With Sequins For Your Party Wardrobe

The most popular game that undergoes many phases of change is fashion. However, the enthusiasm for sequin sarees endures despite how fashions change and fads divert attention in other places.

Sequins, those tiny, shimmering details painstakingly sewed onto textiles of various yarns and weft/warp combinations, evoke both nostalgia and the influence of fashion. Especially during the wedding season, sequined saris are a popular and suitable choice for various events.

Sequin sarees may be found everywhere, whether they are on grandma’s clothing rack or the wishlists of fashion-forward divas right now. After all, who wouldn’t adore a glittering moment? The wonderful thing about sequins is their adaptability; if you’re one of those who like subtlety, a tone-on-tone or holographic sequin saree is for you, while others who adore stealing the show would favour contrasting and metallic sequins as an overbearing feature.

Bollywood Sequin Sarees

Indian film has long favoured sequin sarees, from ZeenatAman’s 1970s joyful fashion revolution to Deepika Padukone’s scorching appearances on screen. Pristine occasions like the Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival have included sequin saris on their red carpets.

A distinguished list of guests proudly wore the sparkle on their pricey silk sarees at KiaraAdvani and SiddharthMalhotra’s recent star-studded wedding.

Are you already thinking about the long-forgotten sequin saree in your closet? Celebrities have a lasting affection for the legendary sequin saree, but the general public has long contributed to the fad.

Sequin sarees You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Check out these stunning outfits that our stylist personally selected if your closet is currently lacking in such glimmering sustainable fashion or if you’re considering a fast boost for your celebration collection.

This sequin-embellished saree is perfect for wowing people at cocktail hour since it embraces the sensual power of wine purple and the floating sensations of sheer net fabric. The gleam of precisely carved diamond jewellery complements the rich colour scheme and flexible elements perfectly.

Pre-stitched sarees have established a firm place in modern Indian fashion. Here, a silky georgette monochrome with sequin accents is combined with a similarly glitzy blouse.

When you want to appear fantastic and feel positive, botanical designs and sequins are a lovely mix. Among your fashion squad, show off this stunning drape: a purple saree that is both stylish and feminine.

How about presenting sequined glitter lines as a fashion statement? This blush pink georgette saree has a flattering texture and channels the intricacy you need for a chic breakfast or a refined high tea gathering.

The wonderful thing about sequins is how well they go with all colour schemes, even immaculate neutrals. Here is a flowing white saree with sequin embellishments and a beautiful floral border that can be worn for a variety of occasions and makes a statement about sustainable fashion that never fails to wow.

Have you discovered your style among our carefully chosen options? Or are you hoping to find additional choices? Simply click the link below to view a lovely selection; we promise you will enjoy your online shopping!

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